For Investors
Bicameral Ventures goes beyond a traditional venture fund and employs a total ecosystem approach to maximize returns across a variety of pillars. Bicameral
  1. Has a management team which leverages it’s unique position within the global AION ecosystem to generate a large diversified pipeline of strategic projects with high upside
  2. Employs a “time diversification” approach with blockchain business models at different levels of maturity
  3. Pursues in portfolio partnerships to generate synergistic returns within our investments
  4. Has an industry leading fee structure and well aligned incentives
  5. Invests and deploys AION tokens directly, bootstrapping the strategic use of the token within the ecosystem
Synergistic Portfolio
Synergistic Portfolio
Unique Pipeline
Unique Pipeline
Low Fees
Low Fees
Aion's Competitive
Transaction Per Second(Live)
Aion scalability graph
Aion handles over 4 times the transactions amount of Ethereum in its current iteration. Down the road, infinite transactions per second are possible with implementations of multiple spoke-chaines running in parallel.
aion security
The current release utilizes a custom equihash consensus algorithm dubbed "Equihash 2109", a modified equihash algorithm, which doubles the memory requirement but achieves identical block times. This results in a much securer network due to attacks being more memory intensive.
  • EVM with SCs
  • Benchmark:
    • 54 us/Tx*
    • 59,507 Gas/Tx*
  • 8M NRG limit/block
  • 256-bit data words
Aion Networks
  • FastVM with SCs
  • Benchmark:
    • 34 us/Tx*
    • 16,418 NRG/Tx*
  • 15M NRG limit/block
  • 128-bit data words
Aion features a lightweight transaction cost, costing approximately 75% less than transaction on Ethereum, appealing highly to dApp developers who value cheap transactions costs.
Ethereum compatibility icon Ethereum logo
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Aion compatibility icon aion logo
Aion remains Solidity compatible, ensuring easy onboarding for developers familiar with the Ethereum environment, but wish to utilize the security, scalability, and interoperability benefits provided by Aion. Down the road, Aion will feature its own scrpiting language.
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Aion will be the fabric of communication between all blockchains, allowing for cross chain transactions seamlessly via Aion bridges. Already the first implementation of cross chain transactions are taking place through the AION token bridge that is transferring ERC‌-20 assets to the Aion network."