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Founded in Q2 of 2018, Bicameral invests in projects building on the Aion platform with exceptional return potential and strategic value. Our ultimate vision is to be the bridge that enables organizations to help build the decentralized internet.
"We're seeing an evolution of capital markets. Blockchain is enabling a new type of asset classes ... And it's a $4 quadrillion opportunity."
- Jeff Pulver, Founder of Vonage
The Bicameral
It is undoubtable that blockchain is the future and will affect every single industry that exists today despite being in its infancy within the adoption curve.
However, the biggest pain-point in this emerging industry is the lack of interoperability and intercommunication amongst individual blockchain protocols. We believe the full potential of blockchain is unlocked with Aion. Like the early days of the Information Age where individual computers were connected by the Internet, Aion is working to connect today's siloed blockchains, with the ultimate goal of the decentralized internet. Building on Aion means your application will not be locked into developing and communicating within only one network, rather, you'll be able to transact freely with other protocols as well. For more about Aion, click here.
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